Curious about Morgan’s Wonderland? Check out the list below of the most frequently asked questions.
Click here to view information on our splash park, Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

General Information


  • Is Morgan's Inspiration Island open?
    Morgan’s Inspiration Island opens for the summer season on Saturday, May 29, 2021. Please purchase your tickets prior to your visit.
  • Is Morgan's Wonderland only for people with special needs?
    Morgan's Wonderland and Morgan's Inspiration Island are places where EVERYONE can play! We take pride in offering an environment of inclusion, where guests of all abilities can come together through the power of play.
  • Do I need to pay if I am not using the attractions or just spectating?
    Yes, Morgan’s Wonderland is a participatory park, and you will need a ticket for admission.
  • Do you fund trips for families living outside of San Antonio?
    Check out our friends Project Angel Fares

    Project Angel Fares benefits Morgan's Wonderland and was created in 2011 by Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply, which continues to fund the project. The purpose is to enable families living outside San Antonio the opportunity to visit Morgan's Wonderland. Project Angel Fares pays for transportation, hotel, and some miscellaneous expenses so that our special friends can visit Morgan's Wonderland
  • Are you hiring?
    You can find our employment opportunities linked here.
  • Will you donate tickets to my fundraiser or event?
    We kindly ask that all donation requests go through our online application, linked here.
  • What is the difference between MW and MII?
    Morgan’s Wonderland offers “dry” attractions like a carousel, Ferris wheel, a train, and (much) more, while Morgan’s Inspiration Island is composed of five splash pads and a sensory-friendly boat ride. Our map gives a great visual, which you find here.
  • Do you provide accessible transportation?
    When you are in search for outside transportation, feel free to reach out to Mobility Works to assist you with your traveling needs. They provide wheelchair van rentals upon request. If you are a current client with VIAtrans feel free to schedule your trip by reserving your transportation online at If you use paratransit in your city, and would like to utilize temporary transportation, please call The Accessibility Department at 210-362-2140. They will be able to assist you in transferring your transportation needs. Other accessible transportation options are to call Yellow Cab of San Antonio at 210-222-2222.
  • Can I wear my swimsuit to Morgan's Wonderland?
    Shirts, shoes, and shorts are required when inside of Morgan's Wonderland. You may change into your swim wear when you enter into Morgan's Inspiration Island. Changing rooms are located at the entrance of the splash park for your convenience.
  • What is the mission of Morgan's Wonderland?
    To provide a safe, clean and beautiful environment free of physical and economic barriers that all individuals – regardless of age, special need or disability – can come to and enjoy.
  • How can I build a Morgan’s Wonderland? Are there franchising opportunities?
    Many people don't know this, but we are actually a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and the only Morgan’s Wonderland in the world!
    To build Morgan's Wonderland, it took a team of out-of-the-box thinkers (doctors, special-ed teachers, caregivers, therapists, parents of special-needs children, etc.); cooperative vendors and constructors; and an investment of $35 million. Since we admit anyone with a physical or cognitive disability free of charge, our ongoing challenge is to continue aggressive fundraising so we can remain financially viable. Because we are not in the franchising business, we find that the more people who find out about our mission of inclusion through play, the more invested communities become to build one of their own. We're truly grateful for your interest in our endeavors to help the special-needs community, and we offer you our best wishes for success with your venture!
  • Where are you located?
    Morgan's Wonderland has a single location in San Antonio, Texas.
  • What sets Morgan’s Wonderland apart from other parks?
    While other theme parks accommodate people with disabilities and/or special needs, Morgan’s Wonderland was created with them in mind. This park was built to emphasize inclusion, so we want everyone to come and enjoy Morgan’s Wonderland!This unique park was created to enable everyone to come together and have fun, regardless of their abilities. However, instead of building a park and then making accommodations for individuals with special needs, our Morgan’s Wonderland team began by identifying what obstacles and barriers occur within the special-needs community and then designed our park to help individuals with special needs overcome those challenges and be able to have fun like those without limitations.
  • Do you have resources for special needs families in the San Antonio area?
    The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation has a helpful Resource Directory listed on the website, linked here. The Foundation provides a simple-yet-effective tool for finding current information on existing services available for a wide range of disabilities. We are committed to helping you find workable solutions to your needs, so please contact us if you need further assistance.
  • Do you offer special services for guests with hearing/vision impairments?
    Morgan’s Wonderland welcomes our friends with special needs! We offer many unique features such as Braille signage, a 3-D park model and a service-animal rest area to make the park fun and accessible to our friends who are hearing and visually impaired.
  • Can I set up a booth or be a vendor at your park?
    There are select events throughout the year in which we invite like-minded organizations and companies to set up in the park. If you would like to be notified of these events, please fill out this form. .

To Help Prepare For a Visit

  • Does Morgan's Wonderland have COVID-19 policies in place?
    Yes, please visit our COVID-19 expectations page here:
  • How do you receive free admission as a guest with special needs?
    Morgan’s Wonderland was built on the promise of providing free admission to anyone with a special need. We try to be as open-minded as possible when a guest claims to have such a need. On the other hand, we must take in a reasonable amount of revenue to keep the park in operation.

    It really comes down to relying on an individual’s honesty and integrity when he or she requests free admittance because of a special need. Here we will only ask for the diagnosis of any guest with a special need that will be accompanying you. We do not require any proof of an individual’s special need. All we will ask is the diagnosis in order for us to honor the special rate.
  • Are you open year-round?
    Both Morgan's Wonderland and Morgan's Inspiration Island are seasonal parks. Morgan's Wonderland is operational March – December and Morgan’s Inspiration Island is open May – September. Hours of operation vary by season. You can view our calendar Here
  • Can we bring in outside food?
    Yes, picnics are welcome! Although food may be brought in, there are no secure storage areas for items such as ice chests and coolers. Only containers with specialty food items and medical needs should be in glass containers. Please note that NO outside food or drink is permitted inside of Morgan's Inspiration Island, unless medically necessary.
  • How much is parking?
    Parking is FREE to visit both Morgan's Wonderland and Morgan's Inspiration Island.
  • What does my Morgan’s Wonderland admission ticket include?
    Your Morgan’s Wonderland admission ticket includes all rides, added value shows and attractions.
  • Do you recommend any hotels in the area?
    We proudly offer discounted accommodations from our multiple hotel partners who are located throughout San Antonio. You can find a full list of our partner hotels here.
  • How much is admission? Is there a discount for senior citizens?
    You can find all of our pricing information here.. We offer senior discounts for guests ages 62+.
  • Are pets permitted at Morgan’s Wonderland?
    While service animals are allowed into Morgan’s Wonderland, pets are not permitted. There is a designated “rest area” located in the park for service animals. We ask that provided waste-disposal bags are used and disposed of in the marked containers. All service animals must be on a leash or restrained in an appropriate manner.
  • How do I re-enter the park if I have to leave for some reason?
    To leave the park and re-enter on the same day, please leave your wristband on. If you choose to wear our GPS Adventure Band our Welcome Center staff remove the band and reissue it when you return on the same day during operating hours.