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Morgan's Advocates

Become a Morgan’s Advocate!

Morgan’s Advocates make a major impact on the ongoing ability of unique, non-profit Morgan’s Wonderland theme park and nationally-accredited The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland school for students with learning challenges to serve special-needs individuals, their family members, friends and caregivers.

Giving through Morgan’s Advocates

Make your gift go further when you become a member of Morgan’s Advocates; you may be able to double your gift—at no extra cost to you! Many companies encourage employees, retirees and board members to support non-profit organizations like Morgan’s Wonderland and The Academy by offering a Matching Gift Incentive Program.

Remember to ask your human resources or community relations department for a matching gift form to double or even triple your gift through Morgan’s Advocates.

Members choose to support Morgan’s Wonderland and The Academy by joining at a level of support that best fits their philanthropic budget. 


Morgan's Advocates



Inspiration Level


Laura and Kennon Guglielmo

Kelly and Carl Fellbaum




Morgan's Level


The Walker Belden Foundation

Stuart C and Lee Anne Hendry

Jonathan and Helen Dear

Frederic J. and Dorothea C. Oppenheimer Foundation

The Valero Energy Foundation

Micki and Jerry Merck

Victor and Lisa Ann Quiroga, Jr.



  Super Hero Level  

Viviana and Norbert Castellanos

C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.

Lori and James Donnell

KFW Engineers

Nancy and Randy Johnson

Jennifer and Tim Brown

  Transition Level  

Bart and Kim Swider

Martie and Dennis Noll

Angie and Stephen Ramseur

Kevin and Melissa Johnson

George and Elizabeth West

Daniela and Antonio Serna IV

George and Barbara Williams

Ron and Sandy Morander

Henry Chu

Carroll and Patty Schubert

Lori and Mark Ramseur

Bill and Patty Cade

William and Patricia Gordon

John and Supang McGuire

Dullnig Ranches

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Underwood

Jim and Martha West

Freddie and Rosa Longoria

Clint and Molly Truax

Jim and Carolyn Jackson James Chapman

J. B. Moroney

The Jim and Ester Clamp Family

Tracie and Jim Sheffield

Kathrine Cassidy

Beth Woolfolk

Mary Beth Mosbacker

Kelly Wade Fry

Trey and Katie Smith

Byron Sehlke

Clayton Smaistrla PC

Michael Camp


Lisa and John Weissler

Kyle and Tisha Beck



Enrichment Level


Donna and Ron Hagauer

Thad Ziegler Glass

Denise and Martin Landon

Mary Brouillette

Randy and Stevie Pipkin

Rene and Christiane Garcia

Robert and Karin Oliver

Lori and Robert Velasquez

Mr. and Mrs. John Kragh

Bill and Scarlett West

Heritage Pediatrics

John and Lauren Browning

Karl and Ashlee Kinsel

Eric and Elizabeth Reblin

Corri A. Corey

Jeff and Leslie Miller

Rob and Jennifer Marshall

Sally and Roger Hill III

Matthew and Lacie Brown

Scott and Anne Horn

Beth and Randy Baetz

Robert and Meaghan Rohlfs

Sarah and Nils Pearson

Annie and Gates Mueller

Paul and Melinda Fagan

Sloan and Amber Thomas

Barbara J. Beever

Mr. and Mrs. John Brozovich

Susanna and Bob Frankland

Libby and Norton Hargis

Leslie and Elton George

Gabriel Garcia

Joseph Costantino

Chrissy and Thomas Labatt

Cathy and Bill Mallory

Allison and Elliot Hayne

Ally and Reagan Winslow

Ken McConnell

Lisa and Philip Carrington

Laura and Steve Rapp

Sally and Dan Blecher


  Inclusion Level  

Chad and Tenee Pipkin

Charles W. Hargis Family

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis V. Anastasio

Alcide and Ashley Longoria

Steve and Sarah DiPaola

Gary Legan

David and Amelita Mauze

Carlisle Bentley

John Hockenyos and Rebecca Yerly

Andrew and Ann Himoff

Bobby and Jeannie Dullnig

Shawne and Amir Zakaria

Emily and Geoff King

Frank and Maxine Martin

Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles Hollimon

Chrstine and Rob Gish

Ms. Barbara Namour

Judy and Harold Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Zeldes

Jill and George Vassar

Stuart and Kendra Carter

David and Carey Hildebrand

Drs. Maria and Pete Hey

Rich and Emily Reynolds

Chris and Camilla Basse

Myra and Arthur Bahme

Robert and Ann Flannery

Jane and Clark Boddy

Julie and Eric Barbosa

Robert and Irma Trautmann

Michael and Ginna Crocker

Stephanie and Scott Heyer

Belinda and John Anderson

rachel and Jeff Woodson

Ms. Laura Nell Burton

Gilbert and Jan Meadows

Suzane and Brad Poynter

Katy and Porter Corrigan

Mike and Jennifer Michaelis

Chris and Sarah Hodge

Charles and Hannah Beever

Clifton and Scotty McDaniel

Trent and Amanda Stout

Lisa and Robert Summers

Jill and Rafael Saenz

Christopher and Ingrid Culver

Dominick Alongi

Mercedes and Rami Alhaj

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Overstreet

Tammie and Michael Mazzei

Chrsti Barron

Michelle and Stephen Young

Julie Beever

Nicole and Matt Mitchell

Mindy Sheier

Courtney and Scott Archer

Scott and Rhonda Crocker

Jill Beever

Heather McFarland

Patti and Brian Barron

Sharon and Jack Krietzburg

Amanda and Casey Tilley

Sarah and Erik Seime

Dottie and Doug Cooper

Kathy and Don Hallowran

Amber and Jonas Setzer

Arnoldo Briones

Jeffrey S. Nelson

Tracie Fontenet

Dana and Jack Lally

Veronica and Stephen Garza

Leah and Rick Mireles

David and Meredith Alvarez

Susan and Shane Epperly

Bernadette Pena

Joanne and Ken Beyer

Colleen and Jake Dean

Bill Shields

Nancy and Chris Carruth

Laura and David Wallace

Ricardo Guzman

Leslie and Steve Carter

Bonnie Chumbley

Jule Zacher

Jule Zacher

Kathy Kelleher

Mary Ballantyne